NEWSLETTER - (30 April 2020)

October 1, 2020


Thank you for your patience during the last 5 weeks of LOCKDOWN.

In keeping with KZN governance, and as the Caister population falls under the Vulnerable / Frail Category, we shall remain at Level 5 Lockdown. This means that we all continue to practice strict social distancing, rigorous hand washing and sanitizing and refrain from social gathering.

The management has developed an emergency plan to deal with the possibility of a resident or employee being diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus.

Employees will be dealt with in a separate policy and the minute we suspect that a resident is presenting with Covid-19, the care centre will immediately be converted into an isolation unit to deal with the patient.

Residents can rest assured that unless they require urgent medical intervention, other than what the care centre can provide, we will not send you off-site to a Covid facility.

The care centre will become a quarantine facility and will be staffed accordingly. Protective equipment has been sourced and thus the care centre will function as a separate isolation unit. This will continue for as long as mecessary.

In order to mitigate risk of spread, ongoing care of the Caister residents in terms of medication, dressings etc will be maintained by the medical staff who will not be involved in infection nursing.

Due to the above, Caister residents will not be permitted to leave the premises except in the event of an emergency.

Because of all the problems surrounding Lockdown, it will not be possible to hold the next quiz scheduled for the 19th May 2020. When life has been restored to normality, John Hudson will be able to present the quiz at short motice as the questions have been prepared and ready for presentation at a moment’s notice.

Andre Burger resigned a month ago and his duties at Caister Lodge ends today. His creative talents will be sorely missed and we wish him well in the future and thank him for his services over the past five years.


30th APRIL 2020