NEWSLETTER - (30 June 2020)

August 29, 2020

Due to the rapidly escalating requirements of disposable supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have struggled to source stock via our regular suppliers. Regretfully, disposable gloves and aprons are often not available due to high-volume demand from large medical establishments. This unfortunately means that the stock has now more than doubled in price. If the latex gloves are not available, we are forced to purchase the blue nitrile gloves which are between R400.00 and R450.00 a box. Prices vary depending on the source of supply and availability.

I am sure that residents are greatly relieved that Personal Care Services are now available. Residents are urged to please make informed choices as to what you expose yourself to when availing yourself to these services. Please ensure that the person rendering any personal care is fully COVID-19 compliant, as it is your right to be protected.

Residents and staff must comply and wear their masks at all times when in the common areas of Caister Lodge. Keep a distance of 1,5 metres from the next person and sanitise regularly.

Philip Bonnin will be assisting with the marketing of the available apartments at Caister Lodge from the 1st July 2020.