NEWSLETTER - (31 MAY 2020)

October 1, 2020


Although the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN is moving to LEVEL 3 on Monday the 1st June 2020, it does not mean that the restrictions have been lifted.

Since the LOCKDOWN imposed by government from the 26th March 2020, the Medical staff and Management have imposed strict rules at Caister Lodge for the safety of all residents and staff. Residents and staff are urged to please act in a responsible manner and remember that you are part of a community and if one person gets infected it will affect everyone else.

Please continue to adhere to the following guide lines:-

1 Keep your social distance at all times

2 Wash your hands regularly or sanitise

3 Minimize your trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, bank etc

4 Wear your masks when you are out of your apartments

The Caister has applied strict enforcement of wearing masks and mandatory screening twice daily of ALL employees as per the relevant regulations. To date we have not required the same level of compliance by the residents. We need to be aware that as residents are moving more freely, the risk of inter-resident transmission of COVID-19 is increasing. Please be aware that common areas within Caister are public spaces, and we need to wear our masks when occupying these spaces. Social gatherings are not permitted, social distancing needs to be adhered to, as does the frequent use of hand sanitiser.

This invisible enemy is extremely dangerous and all the steps that have been put in place is for your own safety.

We welcome David Mason to the Caister Family and wish him a long and happy association with the company. David has extensive experience in the hospitality and will be a great asset to Caister Lodge.

Letters for the House Committee should be placed in the suggestion box timeously and not at the last minute.

Residents using the lounge are requested to please make sure that the lights are switched off if you are the last to leave.

A bulk subscription to Netflix is not available but residents may subscribe in their personal capacities at R99.00 per month, or if two persons share at R139.00 per month, or if four persons share at R169.00 per month. To subscribe to Netflix you require an internet connection and an e-mail address. If you share a subscription, you need to use the same e-mail address. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.


31st May 2020