Newsletter - 31 May 2021

May 31, 2021
        N E W S L E T T E R

It has been confirmed with the Department of Health that Caister Lodge residents are eligible to receive the COVID vaccinations via the state mobile team, who will come to Caister and vaccinate all interested individuals.

We are as yet unsure of exactly when the team will visit the Caister, but we will keep you informed of the progress thereof. The projected vaccination roll-out for Caister is from the second week in June 2021. This timeline can move at any stage, so please watch the notice boards for updates. We are on the list, we are in the queue, and we will be vaccinated on site.

The vaccination process itself is quite time-consuming, and most homes who have already been vaccinated by mobile units have extended the vaccination period from one and a half days to three days in order to vaccinate all interested residents.

Please note that you are welcome to obtain your vaccine off-site, should you wish to do so.

You are also entitled to refuse the COVID vaccine if you do not wish to be vaccinated.

To date, the 31st May 2021at 08.00 am, we have no confirmation of which vaccine will be available. You do not have a choice of vaccine as this has been clearly stated by the Department of Health. The make of vaccine you get will be dependent on what is available and has been issued to the mobile unit.

There are consent forms that need to be completed, irrespective of whether you have registered or not. These forms will be available from Thursday the 3 June 2021on request from the clinic. The clinic staff will assist you to complete the forms.

You will be eligible for vaccination even if you have not registered electronically, although pre-registration is preferable to streamline the vaccination process.

We will ensure that any residents who are confined to their suites, or unable to mobilise will not be overlooked-the vaccinators will come to your apartment to vaccinate you.

Our Quizz Master, John Hudson will be presenting the forth Caister quiz at 6.00 pm tonight, Monday the 31st May 2021 in the lounge. All residents are invited to come and join in a fun evening.

We have been offered the services of a lady who teaches Line dancing at other establishments in Durban. Her name is Jenny Meyer and she will be available on Wednesdays from the end of June 2021. The charge is R50.00 per hour per person and she requires a minimum of 8 persons per class. She will bring her own music on a flash drive, but requires an MP3 player to play the music. Please watch the notice boards for further information

Residents are requested to be more considerate when making or taking cellphone calls in the Caister’s common areas and to please move to an area out of earshot of other residents.

The good summer rains are now over and with a long winter ahead of us, please use water sparingly. Herewith the levels of the dams that feed the greater Durban area:-

    Albert Falls Dam            55.60%
    Midmar Dam                                 99.80%
    Inanda Dam                    98.10%
    Hazelmere Dam                 51.80%

PATRICK ROBERT 31st May 2021