Newsletter (October 2020)

November 9, 2020

The date for the AGM has been set for Wednesday the 2nd December 2020 at 10.30 am in the lounge and veranda. Sufficient social distance seating will be available as well as screens and audio facilities for the benefit all shareholders.

Sister Karen advises that as summer is nearly upon us and the heat and humidity is rising, residents are advised to please stay hydrated and aim to drink 6 glasses of water daily.

More worrying is the fact that we are facing a new normal going forward and according to experts, Covid-19 will be around for quite a while longer. This means that you need to continue wearing your masks outside of your apartments, even though it is going to be very challenging as the heat and humidity increases. You need to be mindful of wearing your masks whilst socializing unless you are eating or drinking. The wearing of masks is for your own safety and should be worn continually, even at the hairdressing salon or beauty parlour. Wear your masks properly covering both your nose and mouth.

The date for the Caister residents Christmas party has been set for Wednesday the 9th December 2020.

The Tuesday Fellowship will now recommence on the 3rd November and the monthly Communion will recommence on Monday the 2nd November 2020 in the TV lounge.

Father Francis will be saying mass at 9.30 am on Friday the 6th November 2020 in the TV lounge.

Reminding all residents that the bus leaves Caister at 09.00 am daily and leaves Musgrave Centre at 10.15 am. The bus is available to go to Windermere Centre, Overport City, La Lucia Mall as well as Westwood Mall leaving the Caister at 1.300 and leaving the shopping centre at 2.45 pm.

Multichoice has increased the Caister’s DSTV monthly subscriptions from the 1st December 2020 to R589.00 and R689.00 if you have PVR.

Residents using the laundromat are advised to remove their laundry once the washing or drying cycle is over so as the machine is available for the next person. Residents are reminded that they are responsible for their own laundry and should not leave same in the laundromat as it could be removed in error.

The library is for the benefit of all residents and books should be returned timeously once read. Several books have been missing from the library for more than 6 months and we respectfully request the return thereof.

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