Caister Lodge

Our Mission Statement: “The Directors, Management, and Staff at Caister promise to be totally committed and dedicated to your well being. Everything possible will be done to ensure that you get the very best out of “your home” here at Caister Lodge“

About Us

Caister Lodge was established in 1987 on the site of what was once the Caister Hotel, a popular residential hotel, well known to most Durbanites. The Hotel was transformed into what is today, a much sought after residency by those who wish to retire in safe, secure, and tranquil surroundings - located in the heart of the Berea, close to Musgrave Centre, most popular churches, Berea Park and right on the main city bus route with a bus stop right outside the main gate.

Each apartment is individually owned on a share block basis and 25% of the sale price reverts to the Caister's Equalisation Fund, which funds all special projects and subsidises the levies.




The bar, situated in the foyer of Greenacre House, is open daily, from 11:15am to 1:00pm and 4:15pm to 6:00pm.

Thursday night is ladies “Happy Hour”, where a lucky draw for various prizes takes place. Wednesday is “Men's night” and snacks or sandwiches are offered.

Care Centre


The care centre operates 24 hours a day and is under the control of the Medical Services Manager. This facility is staffed by qualified medical personnel to provide professional nursing services to residents. This includes emergency treatment, post-operative convalescence, and frail care.

Additional services include supervised medicine dispensing, checking of blood pressure and control over the well-being of all residents. A small monthly levy is payable.

Courtesy Transport


A complimentary shuttle service to Musgrave and other local shopping centres is offered (weekdays). The transport schedule is displayed on the notice board. Trips to the beach are at 9.30 am every Thursday (Weather permitting).

Transport is available for doctor or hospital visits at certain times. Transport to the City Hall or Playhouse theatre, to attend seasonal symphony concerts, is available on Thursdays evenings.



The laundering of linen is included in the levy. A laundromat, located on the garage level, is available for residents to do their own personal washing. The in-house laundry offers this service, at an additional cost.



A quiet and tranquil library offers a wide variety of reading material for all residents to enjoy.

Room Service


This service is available to those residents who are, for medical reasons, unable to come to the dining room for meals. A nominal tray charge is levied for each delivery.

Activities & Facilities



This popular pastime is held in the main lounge every Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6 pm. There is a lucky draw with prizes.

Croquet Lawn


Many of the units overlook the croquet lawn. Residents enjoy playing croquet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays mornings, just before tea time.



A large, well-maintained swimming pool is situated outside which is used daily by dedicated residents who enjoy keeping fit.



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Patrick Robert

General Manager
Caister Lodge Retirement Complex
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David Mason

Assistant Manager
Caister Lodge Retirement Complex
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Sheritha Sumesar

Caister Lodge Retirement Complex
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