Newsletter (30th September 2023)

October 3, 2023
        N E W S L E T T E R

On Friday the 6th October 2023, at 11.00 am, The Williams Saints Singers will be performing in the lounge for the residents entertainment.

The Caister’s Bi-Annual Quizz will be held on Wednesday the 25th October 2023 at 6.00 pm in the lounge. Nick Kightley will once again be the Quizz Master.

This month the Clinic would like to create awareness of the common cause of falls in our everyday lives. Falls are often caused by hazards that are easy to overlook. The short checklist below will help identify these hazards and give some tips on how to solve these problems:-

  1. Move furniture to clear a direct path through your room.
  2. Remove excessive throw rugs or use double-sided tape or special backing so they don’t slip.
  3. Store items in your cupboard shelves between hip and shoulder level to prevent unnecessary stretching or bending.
  4. Make sure your bathmat is non-slip and you have a grab rail (not an extra towel rail) installed inside or near the bath/shower.
  5. Make sure your bedside lamp is positioned with the switch within arms reach of your bed.

This is a reminder to all residents and staff that Caroline Jankovich (Unit 137) and Angela Kightley (Unit 128) are offering their assistance to all voters who are registered outside of Ward 31 to be transferred across before next year’s elections. Residents and staff requiring assistance to transfer to Ward 31may contact Caroline or Angela directly.

We would like to welcome the following new resident and hope that she has a long and happy stay at Caister Lodge:-

    Rosemary Beggs - Unit 130

With increased Load-Shedding, residents are advised to switch off all electronic equipment before loadshedding starts and before it ends to prevent downtime and high cost of repairing same. Please see the notice board for the daily Load-Shedding Schedules.

The Caister’s Use Agreement is very clear that the food served in the dining room is for consumption on site and not for the removal thereof, save for the morning fruit served on the Breakfast Buffet (one fruit per person). This rule was clearly put in place to control the very strict food budget that management must adhere to and not for any personal requirement you have in your apartment. All other room service requirements are to be ordered via the reception for delivery to your apartment.

The ever increasing electricity tariffs is having a negative effect on the overhead costs at Caister Lodge and residents are urged to be mindful of this cost thereof as well as the ever increasing cost of diesel that is required to keep the lights on during load-shedding outages.

Crockery and glassware is still not being returned to the dining room timeously and is having a negative effect on the service levels in the dining room, lounge, verandah etc. Please will residents return same to the dining room immediately after the use thereof and not store same for weeks on end in their apartments.

Even though the dams that feed the greater Durban area have sufficient volumes of water and the summer rains will be coming soon, please continue to use this vital resource sparingly as the ongoing increase in water charges is having a negative effect on the current overhead structure at Caister Lodge. For your information, please see below the current levels of the dams that feed the greater Durban area.

    Albert Falls Dam               92.98%
    Midmar Dam                         80.24%
    Inanda Dam                         93.64%
    Hazelmere Dam                    48.57%

PATRICK ROBERT 30th September 2023