Newsletter (31 October 2023)

November 16, 2023


Congratulations to the “Know Alls”, Basil Duke, Lee Duke, Louis Simon and Megan Caminsky, who won the Bi-Annual Quiz on Wednesday evening last week and thank you to Alan Kelly, the Quiz Master who set some very interesting questions for the teams.

Thandi Cokoto (clinic carer) will be retiring today after 17 years of service. We thank Thandi for her hard work and dedication to the Caister and wish her a well deserved retirement.

Save the dates:- The Caister Christmas Lunch will be held on Wednesday the 13th December and the Braai Day on Saturday the 16th December. Residents are advised to communicate with David Mason their seating requirements for the Caister Christmas Lunch on the 13th December 2023.

Bookings are already being requested for tables for Christmas Day and residents are advised to make their reservations timeously to avoid disappointment. The Christmas Day Lunch will cost R295.00 per visitor.

Residents are reminded to please advise the reception when they will be away from the Caister overnight so as there is no panic when there are enquiries as to your whereabouts. The same applies if you are to be hospitalized for a procedure and to advise the clinic as well.

We would like to welcome the following new resident and hope that he has a long and happy stay at Caister Lodge:-

    Len Baumann - Unit 112

Herewith a message from Sister Karen who would like you to question yourself on the following:- Do you forget things more often? Are you repeating the same story several times? Are you finding yourself off-balance, perhaps stumbling more often than usual because you find it harder to judge distances? Are you spilling your tea/coffee more frequently? Have you found yourself losing track of time more frequently? Are you finding it difficult to retrace your steps or remember previous locations if you lose something? Are you having a harder time recalling a word for an everyday object, the name of someone you see, or following a conversational thread? Do you find you become more fearful or suspicious of others? Are common problems upsetting you more than they used to? Do you find yourself withdrawing from social activities like going to church, visiting friends, or having tea on the veranda? Are you experiencing common signs of ageing…………………or do you have early warning signs of dementia?

Currently, science has not succeeded in putting dementia in a box, with definite signs, symptoms, and disease duration. We cannot make predictions, we cannot take a pill to make it better, and we cannot know exactly how our brains are affected until after we are dead. What we can be sure of is that we all know someone with dementia, and that someone may even be ourselves. I urge you all to practice a little more tolerance, a little more patience, and a little more kindness with the people you see every day. For all we know, the next person to lose their sense of self may be you.

Residents who order sandwiches to take away are to please ensure that the Caister trays are returned, alternatively, these orders will in future be served on paper plates.

Residents who venture out of the Caister premises on foot are to be cautious as to the dangers affecting the vulnerable on the streets in and around this area.

It has been brought to my attention that some residents are verbally abusive towards staff members which is totally unacceptable and unnecessary. If you have a complaint re a specific staff member, please report same to management and remember that “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right”.

The ever increasing electricity tariffs is having a negative effect on the overhead costs at Caister Lodge and residents are urged to be mindful of this cost thereof as well as the ever increasing cost of diesel that is required to keep the lights on during load-shedding outages.

The summer rains are already upon us and the dams are full to near capacity. Please continue to this resource sparingly as the cost thereof is having a negative impact on the Caister’s overhead structure. please see below the current levels of the dams that feed the greater Durban area.

    Albert Falls Dam               90.92%
    Midmar Dam                         78.46%
    Inanda Dam                         97.59%
    Hazelmere Dam                    60.12%

PATRICK ROBERT 31st October 2023