Newsletter - 31

February 8, 2024


A Happy New Year and welcome back to all the residents who were able to travel during the Festive Season to be with family and friends.

A reminder to all shareholders of the Annual General Meeting which has been scheduled for 10:30 am on Friday the 9th February 2024 in the Caister Lounge. If you are unavailable to attend, you are welcome to appoint a proxy, which forms are available from reception.

We would like to welcome the following new resident and hope that she has a long and happy stay at Caister Lodge:

Pearl Penn - Unit 114 Residents are reminded not to lend money to staff members who solicit same as they would have already exhausted all other avenues to borrow money and can ill-afford to pay the money back. Employees caught soliciting money from residents will be subjected to a Disciplinary Enquiry and possible dismissal.

The Caister Medical Team would like to remind all residents that staying hydrated during the summer heat is vitally important. The results of poor hydration include confusion, feeling dizzy and light-headed and greatly increases the risk of urinary tract infections and constipation. Proper hydration includes adding electrolyte drinks such as Powerade, Energade, Lucozade, or Game to your daily fluid intake. These drinks boost your salt, sugar, potassium, and Magnesium levels which contribute to increased mental and physical vitality.

Apologies to all the residents who swim every day for the current state of the pool. The person contracted to keep the pool in pristine condition has been unable to attend to same due to his illness and alternative contractors have had to be sourced to deal with the above and rectify the condition thereof. The roots of the palm trees close to the pool are damaging the pool structure and one of the trees will be removed shortly to save any further damage to the pool. We will monitor the roots of the other trees which will also need to be removed if the damage continues.

The ever-increasing electricity tariffs are having a negative effect on the overhead costs at Caister Lodge and residents are urged to be mindful of this expense as well as the ever-increasing cost of diesel that is required to keep the lights on during load-shedding, outages, and power failures.

The recent storms have improved the level of dams that feed the greater Durban area. Even though the dams are near capacity, please continue to use this resource sparingly as the cost thereof is having a negative impact on the Caister’s overhead structure. Please see below the current levels of the dams that feed the greater Durban area:

Albert Falls Dam: 101.48% Midmar Dam: 100.46% Inanda Dam: 102.69% Hazelmere Dam: 80.42% Patrick Robert 31st January 2024